Creek Indians held the land in west central Georgia until the Treaty of Indian Springs in 1825.  Their imprint on the area is seen in names of rivers and streams – Chattahoochee, Hillabahatchee, Centralhatchee, Wehutkee (Whitewater), Puchusehatchee (Yellow Dirt), Nucosocsumawœ Bears Hiding Place (Nutt Creek) and in artifacts that are unearthed in freshly plowed fields and along creek banks.

After the treaty, settlers quickly occupied the west Georgia area as a result of land lotteries, and the pioneer spirit of families who kept pushing west.  Heard County was formed in 1830 with 301 square miles drawn from parts of Carroll, Coweta and Troup counties.  The new county was named in honor of Stephen Heard, a noted patriot of the American Revolution and influential Georgia leader.

The county seat of Franklin was incorporated in 1831 and named in honor of Benjamin Franklin.  Many communities have flourished in the county over the years with their own histories Centralhatchee, Cooksville, Corinth, Enon Grove, Ephesus(Loftin), Frolona, Glenloch, Glenn, Houston, Liberty Hill, Mt. Pleasant, Owensbyville, Red Oak, Rockalo, Roosterville, Simpson, State Line, Texas, Unity, Walnut Hill, Waresville, and Yellow Dirt.

The US Census of 2000 reported the following populations:

  • Heard County          11,012
  • Franklin                         902
  • Ephesus                        388
  • Centralhatchee            383